Client Successes

At Pure Potential, we firmly believe that our clients are at the heart of everything that we do. Of course there are similarities between the work that we do with individuals, teams and organisations, but every challenge is unique.

The best way we can give an understanding of what these are, and how we have met those challenges, is to share some of our many success stories….

Global Leader

Having secured a highly visible and impactful new leadership role, Tom is still results-driven but much more collaborative and much more effective at driving those results through other people and influencing decision-making at the executive table.


A reinvigorated workforce who delivered the best set of business results on record. Morale increased, there was greater collaboration and they were able to attract and develop critical talent that could grow with the business as it expanded into mainland Europe.


The new stretching targets were exceeded in the first year through a significant, top-down cultural change led by this executive team which became a model centre of excellence for the global organisation.

Winning Culture

The business re-established its position as market leader in its sector in spite of tough competition and significant internal changes. It has since been able to grow significantly in its international markets using the winning culture mind-set.

The highly experienced functional leaders became a highly collaborative, re-energised and empowered executive team, rather than working in silos as they had previously. The business returned to growth.

Executive presence case study

Within five months, Anne was appointed MD of a global service delivery division with significant responsibility and profile within the business.

Team Europe

Quarterly revenue and margins significantly increased; a more disciplined, organised and focussed team that was more respected internally and externally.

on-boarding new teams

The on-boarding programme developed specifically for millennials gave the new team the attitude, knowledge and behaviours they needed to rapidly become productive in their new roles.

Expert to Leader

After 18 months John was appointed general manager, and led a significant turnaround for the business. He became a highly respected, inspiring leader and improved the relationships among the executive team.