Working with organisations

No leadership or team development programme can succeed without its organisational context. We help organisations think through, plan and execute for sustainable improvement at all levels.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

What We Do

Developing Key Talent

We help organisations create highly practical talent programmes that stretch the best people, ready for their next step. This includes profiling and benchmarking, on-boarding programmes, 100-day coaching plans, stretch assignments and tailored workshops for entry-level to experienced managers

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Linking Learning To Results

Progressive organisations foster purposeful learning at all levels. As educators and coaches, we encourage people to learn though a variety of channels, experiences and methods because people learn differently. A culture of support and encouragement where good behaviours are modelled and rewarded at every level leads to better results for people and the organisation

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Managing Culture and Change

We believe change rarely succeeds without the engagement of people throughout the organisation. We help senior leaders and managers plan for this change and develop a consistent and robust process to align strategy and culture.

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The Journey

What are the ingredients for success in winning companies? To create the culture of high performance all these must be fully integrated.

Step one

Define what the high-performing company would look like over time

Step two

Detail this vision in terms of the employee and customer experiences.

Step three

Clearly describe the value that the change would bring

Step four

Refine the key characteristics which make this change compelling

Step five

Identify current obstacles and barriers to progress

Step six

Decide how progress will be measured and communicated

Step seven

Acknowledge and reward progress so that it can be sustained

Seven characteristics of Highly Successful Organisations

Building on the work of Jim Collins in his seminal work “Good to Great – why some companies make the leap and others don’t”, we provide enabling support in all of the following key areas.

The right leadership – selecting and developing leaders who are driven to do what is best for the company.

Selecting the best people – talent acquisition and development programmes to build high-performing teams.

The ability to have challenging dialogue – addressing issues that inhibit performance, in a culture of openness and honesty without fear or blame.

Purpose and capability – balancing passion, expertise and profitability.

Cultural discipline – a consistency in how people work and behave, demonstrated by leaders and shared by all.

Innovation – a culture of learning, flexibility and adaptability to apply new methods and technologies for continuous improvement.

Momentum – the flywheel effect of many small changes that have the additive effect of sustained improvements that gather pace over time.

Examples of recent assignments

  • Developing a more customer-oriented company-wide culture in a fast-growing services business
  • Cultivating a more innovative mind-set across a global science-based company
  • Creating a winning culture for a company in a market sector that had become highly competitive
  • Creating a culture for sales and marketing teams to work collaboratively to grow the business

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Case Study

A company at a cultural cross-roads

The Challenge

An established privately-owned services business was growing steadily but experiencing flagging morale, high staff turnover in key roles and conflict between sales and customer services. The board were finding it hard to identify and retain key talent for future management positions. The management style was predominately aligned to a traditional command and control approach.

The Result

A reinvigorated workforce who delivered the best set of business results on record. Morale increased, there was greater collaboration and they were able to attract and develop critical talent that could grow with the business at it expanded into mainland Europe.

Case Study

Developing a Winning Culture

The Challenge

A highly respected, well established organisation was facing intense competition from new entrants to the market and new technologies. After a restructure and redundancies, the executive team wanted to re-energise and align their organisation with a winning mind-set.

The Result

The business re-established its position as market leader in its sector in spite of tough competition and significant internal changes. It has since been able to grow significantly in its international markets using the winning culture mind-set.

Case Study

Integrating the next generation of employees

The Challenge

The company was relocating and expanding rapidly. There was an urgent need to build a new customer services team, so recent graduates were recruited who were bright and motivated, but had little work experience. As “millennials”, they had a very different approach to learning compared to existing employees.

The Result

The on-boarding programme developed specifically for millennials gave the new team the attitude, knowledge and behaviours they needed to rapidly become productive in their new roles.


“My coaching engagement with Olwyn provided me with an opportunity to step away from the business periodically and discuss both my personal and business agenda to drive improvement in the strategy. A good example of her value to us was a workshop that she facilitated to galvanize my management team around our vision and set a clear mission for the business and this was very well done.”

Adam Bangle, Vice President Worldwide Sales

Dell EMC

“What worked well was Olwyn’s professionalism, experience and skills; coach preparation and my homework; clear objectives and regular reflections on the results. Part of the coaching sessions were focused on driving the process of identifying my successors as well as future organisation development. Today, I have a clear vision for the future organisation under the current situation as well as identified and stated coaching process for my successors. Significant focus on Executive Maturity is helping me to drive better results and refocus on more strategic initiatives rather than being tactical.”

Dmitry Shymkiv, General Manager

Microsoft Ukraine

“What really worked well with Olwyn was the team building planning; the Feedback process model; the First 90 days planning for their new teams; Olwyn is a good sounding board for real-time team management planning; Building high performance teams; Personal coaching on management style and career development.”

Scott Dodds, Chief Marketing Officer

Microsoft UK