Working with leaders

Our clients have a successful track record in their area of expertise: technical, medical, scientific, commercial, financial and legal.

Our coaching helps leaders develop influence and create impact at executive or board level. To succeed, they must drive results, build high performance teams and collaborate with key people across their organisations. 

What We Do

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a highly personalised form of learning, to bring about effective action, improved performance and personal growth – as well as better business results for the organisation

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Global Leaders

Global leadership brings its own challenges and opportunities. The successful global leader needs to be mindful of cultural, geographic and personal considerations

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Leaders In Transition

The first 100 days in a new leadership role is critical. We provide a road map that will help you develop a transition acceleration plan that is tailored to your situation.

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Your Journey

This is a simple but powerful approach to behavioural change in leaders which has been tried and tested worldwide by the world’s top leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith. Highly respected leaders such as Allan Mulally of General Motors testify to the results that can be achieved using this. Like any journey it is the rigour, the discipline and the commitment of the leader to such a process that makes all the difference.

Step one

Assess where you are and where you want to go using sophisticated diagnostic tools

Step two

Involve key stakeholders in the planning using both quantitative and qualitative measures

Step three

Review feedback and create an action plan which is practical, actionable and sustainable

Step four

Communicate the plan so that key stakeholders can support these new behaviours

Step five

Prepare and practice new habits and behaviours in a confidential space with your coach

Step six

Measure Progress against your plan renew focus on any area that needs greater attention

Step seven

Celebrate achievement, review next steps and check sustainability

How we deliver

Pragmatic, practical, professional delivery of executive coaching based on sound business and leadership experience that is both thought-provoking and action-oriented


One to One Coaching: face to face; virtual (phone or web); or a mixture of both. For example, a twelve-month individualized programme with assessment; 360 qualitative feedback; shadow coaching; 16 hours coaching face to face or by phone and regular check-in points and measurement of progress. This work includes reflection, practice and behavioural enhancement. Total time 24 to 36 hours.

Group Coaching: this is driven and shaped by the various needs of our clients. It is a cost-effective and flexible way of bringing the benefits of coaching to a wider group of people in an organization. Typically it focuses on goal-setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action and accountability. It can be delivered virtually or in person.

Modular leadership development programmes: run as two-day events quarterly over one year. Co-designed with our clients to align with their strategic initiatives, these programmes provide a unifying framework from which to drive action. This approach has been shown to make a greater impact on the people and financial performance of an organization.

Recent Examples of Workshops and Programmes

  • “Lead to Win” – a company-wide leadership development programme
  • Group coaching of newly-promoted directors on Executive Presence and Inspiring Leadership
  • Tailored workshops on Creating and Sustaining Top-Class Teams; Influence and Stakeholder Management
  • Round Tables for Women in Leadership; Impactful Communication

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Case Study

Finessing your executive presence as a leader

The Challenge

Anne was a highly capable technical leader who despite being an excellent manager and achieving high scores in assessments and interviews, was not securing the high level appointments that were expected and deserved.

The Result

Within five months, Anne was appointed MD of a global service delivery division with significant responsibility and profile within the business.

Case Study

Tom – Succeeding as an enterprise-wide global leader

The Challenge

A highly driven results-focussed global sales VP who was highly respected but deeply feared. Tom’s reputation was limiting his career progression. In danger of being stuck in the same role, he wanted to evolve to take on a wider remit with even greater impact.

The Result

Having secured a highly visible and impactful new leadership role, Tom is still results-driven but much more collaborative and much more effective at driving those results through other people and influencing decision-making at the executive table.

Case Study

Transforming from Technical Expert Leader to General Manager

The Challenge

John was considered technically excellent in his field. He was ready for promotion to general manager, but had some leadership challenges that would affect his success in that position. He was losing key talent and not being collaborative with his peers which resulted in low morale and tension.

The Result

After 18 months John was appointed general manager, and led a significant turnaround for the business. He became a highly respected, inspiring leader and improved the relationships among the executive team.


Olwyn provided executive coaching for me through a period of key career progression. This time was incredibly valuable in extending my awareness, consideration and strategies for a number of valuable leadership principles: how to motivate and inspire, delegation, resilience, communication, development of personal leadership style, and many more. Outside the tangible benefit of having the chance to bounce ideas off someone as experienced, personable and insightful as Olwyn, I found the pace, structure and quality of learning at our sessions incredibly powerful for my personal and professional development. Thank you Olwyn!

Jon Addison, Head of Talent Solutions

LinkedIn UK

“Over the last twelve months, Olwyn’s coaching style has achieved a great balance between providing me with the rigor and challenge to ensure that I got things done with the practicalities of doing these tasks alongside the demands of a very busy “day job”. She has opened my eyes to individual issues that I need to address, providing practical advice of how to challenge these issues and where appropriate, help to back this up. There has always been an honest and open exchange of views and this has helped to cement a close working relationship that has enabled me to get real benefit out of our time together. I’d have no hesitation to recommend Olwyn to anyone considering an external coach”.

Jeremy Trott, Head Of Claims Operations


“When I started the coaching process, I decided to fully engage with what it offered but I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But a year on, as I look back at the time that I have spent with Olwyn as my executive coach, I realise that it was extraordinary. It has truly accelerated my learning. I took the feedback and rather than getting defensive about it, I digested it and found new strategies to deal with challenging situations and people. I have grown and evolved as a leader and feel more confident in how I lead others. I have built capability and bench strength in the team and sought ways to develop them too. I start my new leadership role wiser, more confident with greater resilience to tackle what lies ahead.”

Christophe Barut, Legal Director Southern Europe


“Olwyn is a really great coach. Very direct, open, honest and clear with “asks” – lots of value-add. She is a superstar! The coaching experience was a great way to pause and think about myself and take time to act based on this. You also need to be ready for coaching. I recall having done some previous coaching sessions and was probably not ready to learn and act upon it then.”

Alexis Oger, Executive Director


“The coaching with Olwyn provides an external perspective in addition to those from my work colleagues. It provides a ‘safe’ environment to discuss current issues and evaluate courses of action to move forward. The coaching has given me more confidence to move forward with tough conversations and business decisions. It has helped me to plan communications with subordinates, peers and superiors to get the best from each of these interactions.”

Rob Morton, Vice President Europe & Middle East

National Instruments

“My time with Olwyn has helped me enhance my leadership style with my Direct reports- team meetings have become much more inclusive and engagement has increased significantly.”

Stephane Huet, Executive Director


“I was fortunate enough to select Olwyn from a pool of coaches used by HSBC to coach senior and executive managers. She is very personable and professional, having a very clever insight into establishing your development needs and helping you to improve them. I can honestly say that Olwyn’s coaching helped to provide me with insight regarding my behavioural patterns and natural tendencies. I grew so much under her guidance, more so in confidence in my own abilities than ever before. This was key in helping me to become a competent and effective senior manager. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Lynne Leatherbarrow, Head Of Claims Operations


“Olwyn is a super listener, and is a very experienced business leader. Combining her past leadership experiences alongside the leadership coaching models/tools she deploys really helps to ensure that her coaching advice is rock solid and very practical. She always provides very clear guidance and perspectives (when asked) when dealing with various leadership scenarios/challenges”

James O’Connor, Managing Director