Working with teams

The team coach will help the team agree its purpose, clarify what it wants to achieve, understand its critical processes, help to improve how they manage conflict, make decisions and monitor their own progress, and everyone is accountable for the success of the team.

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

– Patrick Lencioni, 2002

What We Do

Senior Teams

We work with critical teams at senior levels to help them build effective relationships with each other and understand the natural team dynamics that occur.  Our work enables them to understand their people better, to be clear in how they communicate, encourage initiative, make timely decisions and execute effectively

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Teams in Turnaround

We work with teams in challenging situations where results are not where they need to be or teams are not working well together, in spite of being very talented. We help them refocus on results, rebuild trust, resolve conflict and take action as a team

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Cross Cultural / Functional Teams

Many teams are now made up from different functions across a business, and may also be distributed around the world. We help teams develop a common language of understanding and a way of working that is effective for that particular team

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Your Journey

We use a practical, results-focused and rigorous process to transform teams from poorly coordinated and disconnected, to high performing, highly engaged and motivated.

Step one

Understand the objectives from sponsor and leader perspective so the assignment is appropriately scoped

Step two

Understanding core issues and current state of the team from both team and wider stakeholder perspective

Step three

Connecting with the team at an individual level to better understand team dynamics and challenges

Step four

Agreeing with the team the action plan for the team coaching programme

Step five

Core Learning
Accelerating the team’s effectiveness through a combination of facilitation, coaching and learning new team disciplines

Step six

Seeking regular feedback from key stakeholders on progress

Step seven

Ensuring that the teams effectiveness is sustainable after the coach has completed the assignment

How we deliver

Our methodology draws on the works of Professor Peter Hawkins, John Leary Joyce and Patrick Lencioni which have been proven to achieve significant results with senior teams.


Each assignment is customised to the team challenge we are addressing. Here are some of the enabling tools used to generate the results and outcomes the client is seeking.

  • In-person team events on or off-site over one or two days
  • Individual interviews with team members and their stakeholders
  • Team diagnostics at both the beginning and end of the project to help create action plans and measure progress
  • Team profiling to understand how this team communicate, make decisions and resolve issues
  • Virtual check-in accountability sessions to keep the team on track and keep communication flowing
  • Leading-edge action planning tools that take account of all the preferences and styles of team members. This ensures the team sustain the skills, attitudes and behaviours that have significantly improved the performance of their team
  • Robust feedback from the stakeholders gathered in a systematic manner throughout the process
  • Facilitated meetings for mapping vision, strategic planning or organisational development

All of our team activities can accommodate a global, virtual team.

Examples of recent assignments

  • A global “Dragon’s Den” for teams of cross-functional, cross-cultural scientists
  • A “good” team of European engineers who had the capability of being “excellent”
  • A senior European team who were under-performing due to lack of team discipline
  • A board who needed to resolve the conflict that existed between them in order to move their organisation forward and drive greater accountability and performance

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Case Study

Team Europe: from happy band to elite squad

The Challenge

Results were adequate but the team was not capitalising on the available market opportunities. Morale was high across the team but it was not functioning as a disciplined, organised and focussed team. With a market upturn, the team had to seize the opportunity, before their competitors did.

The Result

Quarterly revenue and margins significantly increased; a more disciplined, organised and focussed team that was more respected internally and externally.

Case Study

Re-aligning a senior leadership team for growth

The Challenge

Business results had plateaued. A new leader was brought in, with a very different leadership style. The highly experienced functional leaders were working in silos rather than as an executive team.

The Result

The business returned to growth with a highly collaborative, re-energised and empowered executive team.

Case Study

From good to great

The Challenge

This global company had been successful in its field and had a reputation for technical excellence. However the market now wanted solutions rather than technical components, which put future business at risk. The senior leadership team in Europe had to make a major cultural shift from product-led to solution focus to meet the challenging, longer-term strategic plan.

The Result

The new stretching targets were exceeded in the first year through a significant, top-down cultural change led by this executive team which became a model centre of excellence for the global organisation.


Olwyn gave us honest feedback, came with clear ideas and she had a fantastic approach. We made good progresses on my side and on my team’s side. I had a much better relationship with my team, detecting tensions and I have been able to reorganize the right way. A huge improvement in the team motivation and business results.

Ricardo Labarga Garcia, General Manager

Dell Spain

“My coaching engagement with Olwyn provided me with an opportunity to step away from the business periodically and discuss both my personal and business agenda to drive improvement in the strategy. A good example of her value to us was a workshop that she facilitated to galvanize my management team around our vision and set a clear mission for the business and this was very well done.”

Adam Bangle, Vice President Worldwide Sales

Dell EMC

“What worked well was Olwyn’s professionalism, experience and skills; coach preparation and my homework; clear objectives and regular reflections on the results. Part of the coaching sessions were focused on driving the process of identifying my successors as well as future organisation development. Today, I have a clear vision for the future organisation under the current situation as well as identified and stated coaching process for my successors. Significant focus on Executive Maturity is helping me to drive better results and refocus on more strategic initiatives rather than being tactical.”

Dmitry Shymkiv, General Manager

Microsoft Ukraine

“The coaching with Olwyn provides an external perspective in addition to those from my work colleagues. It provides a ‘safe’ environment to discuss current issues and evaluate courses of action to move forward. The coaching has given me more confidence to move forward with tough conversations and business decisions. It has helped me to plan communications with subordinates, peers and superiors to get the best from each of these interactions.”

Rob Morton, Vice President Europe & Middle East

National Instruments