PROPHET Senior Team Profiling

Our senior team profiling process transforms how people communicate, make timely decisions, leverage strengths, value difference and pull together under pressure, ultimately creating greater value and business success.

This assessment and profining tool was designed specifically for senior leadership teams in a commercial environment and aligns to the four stages of the business development cycle – Create, Design, Operate and Improve.

Insight Reports

There are four key reports which are used to review team potential:

  • Individual Insight report – one per team member
  • Team Insight report – one per team or sub-group
  • Pivotal Relationship Report – used to explore the working relationship between two individuals (optional)
  • Organisational Insight Report – used to explore potential to implement business strategy (optional)

Team Assessment Reports

A typical PROPHET assessment

We find the PROPHET assessment and reports extremely valuable in senior team coaching assignments. Unlike other individual and team assessments, it is designed from first principles for a business context at senior level.

Where we believe PROPHET will add value, we propose the use of the assessment, explaining the methodology and providing sample reports for review. The individual team members complete an online assessment (available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese) which is managed by Prophet Profiling. We then provide the Team and Individual reports for review. Usually, we will facilitate a discussion of the results with the team. Based on the team review of the reports we will then plan further workshops and individual coaching to address the agreed areas of over- or under-strength within the team.

Olwyn Merritt is an accredited PROPHET Practitioner.

Andy Lawrence

You leave the team in a much stronger state than when you joined us...

Having you participate in the Team has really been very valuable. Having an impartial referee who has the right level of “presence” and gravitas calling out where things are working well as well as challenging us has enabled us to take our weaknesses onboard rather than skipping over the issues and not addressing it. Thank you for your tenacity and sticking to the challenging task in hand – you leave the team in a much stronger state than when you joined us – Thank You !!

Andy Lawrence, Head of Production Services