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Field Notes:

At Pure Potential, we firmly believe that our clients are at the heart of everything that we do. Of course there are similarities between the work that we do with individuals, teams and organisations, but every challenge is unique and the best way we can give an understanding of what these are, and how we have met those challenges, is to share some of our many success stories….

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Nov 25th 2020

Summer provides us with precious opportunities to spend time with those we love. We may be spending more time working from home and have more meals with our family than we did pre-Covid, but how much attention and time are we really giving them? One of the most powerful gifts…

Agile from the Marketoonist
Nov 25th 2020

Twenty years ago, 17 software engineers went on a skiing holiday. When they weren’t on the slopes, they shared their frustrations about the way software was being developed at the time. To address these, they came up with a Manifesto for Agile Software Development for faster delivery, greater responsiveness and…

T-Rex Dinosaur Skull
Nov 25th 2020

Everyone agrees that leaders today need to embody vision, energy, authority, and strategic direction. But truly inspirational leaders possess something more – in fact, four distinct qualities. They are able to: Balance sensing with transmitting. They don’t just transmit messages regardless of the context or the climatic conditions. They sniff…