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Field Notes:

At Pure Potential, we firmly believe that our clients are at the heart of everything that we do. Of course there are similarities between the work that we do with individuals, teams and organisations, but every challenge is unique and the best way we can give an understanding of what these are, and how we have met those challenges, is to share some of our many success stories….

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Nov 25th 2020

What Triggers You? As leaders, how we handle situations in full view of others can have grave or unintended consequences. Last week, I observed how two clients were triggered by situations and how important it is for such leaders to understand their triggers and how to manage themselves appropriately in…

Nov 25th 2020

This month, a dear friend and I had the privilege of visiting David Hockney’s exhibition: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away) in London’s The Lightroom. One of Hockney’s most famous and innovative ideas was his use of “joiners” or photo collages. He would take multiple photographs of a…

Nov 25th 2020

As the beautiful lawn tennis courts of Wimbledon bristle with excitement this week, I had the privilege of seeing Billie Jean King at CHIEF’s In the Hot Seat interview a week ago, where she shared with us what tennis has taught her. One of the greatest tennis players of all…