Team Performance Accelerator

Tools to help teams understand their climate, keeping them focused on the factors that deliver results and track performance.

We believe that effective feedback is key to sustainable growth and performance improvement. Pure Potential is accredited in the Team Accelerator tools which have been developed, tried, and tested over the last 10 years. These are being used globally with clients across many different industries, from finance to Formula One.

For teams, the system:

  • Creates a common language between team members
  • Identifies key strengths and areas of concern
  • Aids the creation of action plans
  • Drives the team forward towards their goals and tracks them along the way

Key uses for this range of tools include:

  • Measuring team climate and performance
  • Reviewing team strengths and areas for development
  • Setting improvement agendas and priorities by team, department and / or region
  • Comparing and contrasting climates across teams
  • Gaining insights into key organisational issues
  • Tracking progress over time

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The Performance Accelerator range has been designed to help organisations and teams to understand their climate and create measurable step changes in performance.  Our Performance Accelerators keep teams focused on the factors that deliver results and track their progress over time.

Three tools are available:

  • Team Performance Accelerator (TPA)
  • Executive Team Accelerator (ETA)
  • Team Climate System (TCS)

The Team Performance Accelerator helps leaders to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their team’s climate and develop clear actions to further improve the performance of the team.

Key uses include:

  • Individual team appraisal
  • Diagnosing team issues and establishing priorities for improvement
  • Having honest conversations with a team about what is working and what is not
  • Measuring and tracking the health of a team’s climate
  • Confirming the impact of the leader’s style on a team’s performance

The TPA is most often used by operational and management teams to create a snapshot of current climate.  The tool helps teams to focus on the key issues they face, identify root causes, target  areas for development and track progress towards their goals.

The ETA and CTA have a similar approach, but with different elements in the tool. You can customise the five Qualitative Questions at the end of the questionnaire to address specific issues in the organisation or team.

Web-based input and simple insightful reporting makes this an essential tool for the leaders of co-located and virtual teams in today’s complex working environments.

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