Our Favourite Leadership Books: “What got you here won’t get you there”

Olwyn Merritt and Marshall Goldsmith

What got you here won’t get you there

– Marshall Goldsmith

I am incredibly fortunate to be able to work with Marshall Goldsmith, world-renowned business educator and coach. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is the leading expert in leadership behavioural coaching and has a singular ability to help top leaders get results using practical and proven methods.

This book is for you if you are an ambitious executive who works hard and is doing well in your field. But there may well be something standing between you and the next level of achievement. That something may just be one of your own annoying habits. Perhaps one small flaw – a behaviour you barely even recognise – is the only thing that’s keeping you from reaching where you want to be. It may be that the very characteristic that you believe got you to where you are today – like the drive to win at all costs – is actually what is holding you back.

As this book explains, people often do well in spite of certain habits rather than because of them. What they really need is a “to stop” list rather than one more “to do” list. Marshall outlines twenty annoying habits commonly found in organisations. He provides a systematic approach to dealing with these bad habits and offers practical ways to achieve these positive changes in behavioural patterns. Learn how to listen, to acknowledge and to accept feedback graciously.

Marshall Goldsmith’s expertise is in helping global leaders overcome their unconscious annoying habits and become even more successful. Marshall has been recently named as one of the world’s five most-respected executive coaches by Forbes and he has worked with more than 80 CEOs of the world’s top businesses.

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