Cross Cultural / Functional Teams

Many teams are now made up from different functions across a business, and may also be distributed around the world. We help teams develop a common language of understanding and a way of working that is effective for that particular team

Many teams are now made of members representing different functions across a business. This is often further complicated by employees being managed in a matrix structure. They may also be distributed around the world in different geographies.

Each business function has its own language and approach. For example, a sales team and engineering team have their own sub-cultures, yet are often working together on major projects with specific goals.

In working with these teams, some of the challenges we have addressed include

  • The risk of misunderstandings due to linguistic interpretation (even between English-speaking cultures)
  • Building stronger relationships instead of transactional communication
  • Adapting to take account of cultural variation rather than judging from a single cultural perspective
  • Using appropriate ways of communicating to build a greater sense of team purpose with faster results

We work with leaders of these more complex teams to set them up for success. In addition to the normal planning activities for a team, this includes outlining how and when the team will meet to take account of geographic differences; increasing the understanding of language, culture and contextual differences: and developing an agreed team charter.

Success for any team in a cross functional or cross cultural environment requires a mutual understanding and respect for each respective contribution. Each function and culture can bring rich expertise and a unique perspective which together is a powerful formula for success at both local and global level. Our team profiling helps leaders to fast-track business team performance. It provides insight to guide leaders in executing strategy and developing their senior teams.

Senior Team Profiling