Aligning business goals, team objectives and
individual performance to achieve outstanding results

Joining up the organisation to drive results

MyObjectivesMyObjectives is a framework, a methodology and a cloud-based tool that enables and supports the “joined-up organisation”. It aligns your strategic goals, business objectives, team performance and individual engagement to make progress visible and measurable, even where traditional metrics are not applicable.

All organisations and teams have objectives, and must manage progress toward their achievement. MyObjectives is the first team-based solution that provides real-time feedback of your team’s drive to succeed.

MyObjectives can be implemented to support a wide range of business situations and is highly scalable.Read how MyObjectives was used accelerate growth in a software company here.

Below are some common examples of business situations which will benefit considerably from MyObjectives.

Common business challenges addressed with MyObjectives

  • Strategic goals agreed at board level but not communicated across the business consistently
  • Distraction from key objectives by short term operational issues
  • Team objectives not linked to strategic goals
  • Teams working in silos
  • Individuals do not see the link between their achievements and business goals
  • Lack of employee engagement and high staff turnover
  • Business reporting metrics do not provide the full picture of business performance
  • Reliance on Lag measures (past achievement) rather than Lead measures (predictive)
  • Little or no visibility of individual and team progress
  • Insufficient communication of objectives, progress and results
  • Performance measurement creating an unacceptable overhead
  • Business systems are complex and time consuming so fail to capture key information
  • Lack of continuity when experienced staff leave
  • Missed deadlines and targets

If you recognise any of these in your organisation, we recommend you have a look at MyObjectives.

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Who will benefit from MyObjectives?

ENTERPRISE LEADER – You run a successful corporation with several branches, offices or reporting organizations. Targets are challenging and you need to keep your teams focussed on results and ensure that they are motivated, executing the strategy and hitting targets.

NEWLY APPOINTED LEADER  – You are taking over as senior leader of an organisation. You need to quickly form teams that work as a unit, not in silos. You need to introduce techniques that will align team behaviour, improve communication and set the team up for collective success.

INVESTOR – You have invested in a great organisation and you need to ensure your investment generates great returns.  You have heard the pitch, read the business plan and funded the vision. You now need a strategy to ensure execution and enable the upward flow of accountability and progress from your senior leadership team. You need to know the return on your investment will be maximised.

LEADER OF A RAPIDLY GROWING ORGANISATION – Your business is taking off. You are gaining momentum, but the speed of growth is beginning to create challenges in organisation and management. You need a way to get your team of smart people aligned, maintain focus on results and showing and communicating progress against their plan.

BUSINESS OWNER– You have built something you’re proud of and you have built it from scratch. However, whether you’re considering an exit, preparing to transfer leadership to a new senior manager, or are simply overstretched due to growth, you’re ready to delegate so not every decision has to run through you.

NOT FOR PROFIT LEADERS – You must manage a set of independent, free thinkers, bound not by financial obligation but by their mission to serve the cause. You need to create participation and accountability by leveraging the human desire to be part of a group that accomplishes something. Common structure, goals and initiatives are imperative to keep them on track.

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How MyObjectives works

This is a fresh approach to team management. It achieves results using best practice from performance management methodologies, and an on-line tool to make it measurable and sustainable. It is the first performance management solution to integrate Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Balanced Scorecard and game psychology. Here is how it works:

  • The organisation’s Strategic Goals are defined and recorded in MyObjectives
  • Team Objectives are defined (typically for the FY quarter) which align to goals and focus team activity
  • Key Results show progress in real time towards achieving objectives
  • Using the power of game theory, MyObjectives creates highly engaged teams, makes progress visible and achievement can be recognised


Read how MyObjectives was used accelerate growth in a software company here.

Read how MyObjectives is implemented

Proven results with MyObjectives

Alliance Enterprises, founded in 1981 by Rick and Lisa Gifford, has a history of providing leaders and innovators with technology-based solutions. Alliance specializes in creating powerful applications used by thousands of individuals around the world. Alliance now dominates the Vocational Rehabilitation market as the number one provider of case management, analytics and Cloud Services for State Agencies and Tribal Nations in the United States.

Back in 2007, Rick and Lisa decided to bring in CEO Chris Pieper to allow them to focus on other parts of the growing business. Chris had already successfully started, grown and sold a tech company of his own. He had had a similar experience as Rick and Lisa when his company grew to a size where he felt he was losing control. He realized he couldn’t do everything, and had to develop teams he could trust to grow the business. Chris used a performance management programme to get everyone at his company on the same page. He set the overall goals and his teams developed objectives that supported his vision. This would eventually become MyObjectives, the software program that uniquely combines gaming aspects (real-time scorecards and rewards) into a fun and engaging platform that inspires a high degree of employee engagement and delivers remarkable business results.

Alliance Enterprises began using MyObjectives. With teams aligned and engaged, they quadrupled sales revenue in the next eight years, as well as growing from 30 to 100 employees. The company now serves 12,000 state workers at 35 state agencies and 25 tribal nations with its flagship software program, Aware.

In 2015, Alliance brought MyObjectives to market, to share the great results. They are rapidly expanding their customer base, and many customers are experiencing the same kind of results that Chris discovered when he put the program in place at his previous company and that Rick and Lisa are benefiting from now.

In 2016 things really took off. Alliance Enterprise made the Inc. 5000, a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. Microsoft recognized them as their Rising Star partner of the year for growing their cloud business 1,000% in one year. MyObjectives went international with multi-language support and software implementations across the globe.

Pure Potential is one of the first certified partners for MyObjectives in the UK, bringing together consultancy, facilitation, training and coaching. By combining the MyObjectives software; facilitating workshops on strategic goals and objectives; consultancy on best practice for performance management and coaching for leaders, managers and teams, Pure Potential provides a unique partnership to help achieve outstanding business success.

“MyObjectives provides a common way of documenting our objectives and tying them to goals and tracking them through the quarter.”
Lisa Gifford, Board Member and Director, Corporate Strategy, Alliance Enterprises

“MyObjectives allows me to achieve objectives that are important to the company, while opening up friendly competition between teams.”
Craig Keating, Professional Services Manager, Alliance Enterprises

“MyObjectives provides transparency, so I feel my work is an important piece contributing towards company goals.”
Sandra Berger, Accounting Manager, Alliance Enterprises


Pure Potential is a


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