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Future You self-assessment

If you want to progress your career, there are four key areas that have been identified as accelerators for your career success. This self-assessment will help you to evaluate your strengths in each of these areas. Download and print out to complete.

LinkedIn for Leaders ebook

LinkedIn has become the primary resource for building business relationship networks.  This simple guide explains how LinkedIn works. It will help you create a LinkedIn Profile that reflects your professional persona, and shows you how to use LinkedIn to build your network, increase your influence and enhance your reputation.

Amy Cuddy

Our Favourite TED talks: “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are”

Amy Cuddy, Associate Professor at Harvard Business School, on the proven link between what we do and hormones, which in turn affects what we do and how we are perceived. This is especially interesting for leaders working on developing their executive presence.

Sir Ken Robinson Wikimedia

Our Favourite TED Talks: “Do schools kill creativity?”

The classic TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson on creativity and perception of talent. Ten million views later it still resonates.

Leadership Coaching from Pure Potential

Next Step Leadership Fitness Test

A 16-page self-assessment and guide  designed to help you develop awareness of and focus on the key areas that will improve your performance as a true leader. It is based on our  “Five Signature Leadership Capacities” from the Ascent leadership development programme.

Rene Brown The Power of Vulnerability

Our Favourite TED talks: “The Power of Vulnerability”

Most of us have felt vulnerable at some point, and it probably wasn’t a pleasant feeling. Vulnerability has a function however. Rene Brown has researched the role it plays in our ability to form connections and achieve a sense of purpose.  

How to avoid Death by PowerPoint

Our Favourite TED Talks: “How to avoid death by PowerPoint”

David JP Phillips’ insightful presentation at TEDx on the reasons why the human brain receives, or doesn’t receive information from presentations. If you don’t have 20 minutes to watch this, read our article here.

How to Write a Future Letter

A Future Letter is a great way to help you focus on the goals you want to achieve in the next year. Imagine that it is one year from now. You are reflecting back on the year. What do you want to be celebrating? What accomplishments and achievements do you want to have made?  

Do your customers negotiate like this?

A fun video from YouTube with a serious message. Why don’t we have supplier/customer negotiations in consumer situations? Because of perceived value….