Our Executive Team Profile drives higher performance

Our senior team profiling process transforms how people communicate, make timely decisions, leverage strengths, value difference and pull together under pressure, ultimately creating greater value and business success

The performance and value of any business are heavily reliant on the effectiveness of the lead team. Any gap in alignment or lack of collaboration at the top will erode value in that business. Through our team profiling process, we help the team to develop, communicate and execute strategy so as to derive maximum value for that organisation.

Our team profiling helps leaders to fast-track business team performance. It provides insight to guide leaders in executing strategy and developing their senior teams.

 Situations where team profiling provides significant benefit include:

  • New teams where collaborative relationships have not yet been established and the team is not yet aligned
  • Established teams needing to refocus after a change such as a new strategic plan
  • Senior teams that need to step up to a higher level of performance
  • Two or more teams that need to come together and work as one team
  • Teams formed from more than one organisation such as after a merger, acquisition, joint venture or alliance
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Our team profiling tool PROPHET has been developed for senior and specialist managers and those with similar levels of responsibility. It is based on business relationship theory, and provides leaders with valuable insight through individual profiles and team profiles. These are generated and used to support a team effectiveness programme with the following key elements:

  • Developing alignment around the business context and the relationship people have in the execution of strategy
  • Using the individual and team insight to raise awareness of opportunities and potential challenges or blind spots to performance
  • Defining actions to set up the success of the team

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The effectiveness of business relationships and consequent impact on performance depends on how the parties approach different situations. The PROPHET profiling tool and review process provides a better understanding of individual profiles and the context of that that profile in the team at different stages of the business development cycle. Put simply, you need different skills in the team as the strategy evolves from start-up through development, operation and improvement.


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